Solvay Business Talk: Amoeba - Dynamic Management System
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An entirely new management system from Japan - the 58-year high growth and profitability of the company that created it - has transformed Japan Airlines from a loss to a highly profitable one year. .

ADMS is a division of the company into small groups of 10-20 people (called amoeba) based on the market to maximize the flexibility, creating a sense of market sense. Every employee, realizes the ability to "manage by all" to develop leadership from the smallest level. This arrangement allowed the company to transform parts previously considered "indirectly" into profit centers. Each amoeba makes a profit by actively raising revenue and cutting costs, negotiating with the inside or outside in a way that is self-sufficient and fair to the market.

An effective management and above all in accordance with the flexibility, adaptability, but difficult to maintain effective work in a large system of Vietnamese.

09:00, 17/03/2018
Morico Coffee, 30 Le Loi Street, District 1
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12:00, 16/03/2018
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Mr. Luu Nhat Huy - CEO - IMT Institute - specializing in strategic consulting and enterprise restructuring.

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Solvay Business Talk: Amoeba - Dynamic Management System

Solvay Business Talk: Amoeba - Dynamic Management System